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Phone: (800) 749-2483
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West Florida

Steven Williams 813-299-2350


Tom Johanningmeier 404-218-2592





Jessica Gann 404-931-1239





South Georgia/North Florida

Brandi Thrift 404-513-9238






North Carolina & South Carolina

Pam Robinette 704-641-9453  






Chief Business Officer

Joe LaMotta 407-719-3549






Vice President of Service 

Denis Simon 770-845-6151





We Service the entire Southeastern USA with warehouses and team members in strategic locations. Our Emergency service line is answered 24 hours a day by our own team members in order to provide the most personalized service possible.

G.E. Walker, Inc. helps healthcare providers in the Southeast find optimal solutions in the dynamic medical imaging market.

Our distribution agreements with leading manufacturers allow us to bring more competitive options and more technologies than any other single source.

For almost four (4) decades of helping customers design analog solutions, and more recently transition to digital, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise, supported by uncompromising customer focus and strong integrity.

Our promise to you is better solutions through proven medical imaging technology that works in the real world.

Our goal is to be the best medical imaging partner any healthcare provider could have. Since we offer a full array of equipment, services, and supplies, you have abundant options for designing imaging systems. We represent the product lines of many blue chip medical imaging companies who have proven their leadership through quality, innovation, and competition. The more options we bring our customers, the better.

You will get expert advice on medical imaging system integration from the seasoned consulting teams of G.E. Walker, Inc. Their commitment is to practical solutions that work in the real world.

We not only design systems, we make sure they work every day. We have gained practical knowledge from decades of solving customer problems with all kinds of equipment, therefore our experience is more diverse than any manufacturer or consultant.


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